Respected Roots is more than a brand…it is a culture!


Hawkins and Patterson are both passionate about elevating their platform to restore confidence into communities by promoting positive change and social empowerment.


Not only are they known for creating an industry-leading grooming line for men, they also continue to gain notoriety across the U.S. for their community involvement with their non-profit organization, Brotherhood Initiative and their Respected Roots Magazine.



Mentorship: We incorporate young people into our business model by teaching them business principles and core work ethics. 

Leaders of Tomorrow Program: We provide young, African American men from grades 9 to 12 with life skills beyond the classroom.

•Financial Literacy



•Collegiate Planning and Scholarships

•Effective Communication

•Conflict Resolution

•Etiquette/Grooming Practices


Respected Roots Brotherhood Initiative has partnered with a number of County District offices and school systems within the metropolitan Atlanta area to implement various community revitalization and youth programs.

The Respected Roots Brotherhood Initiative connected with Atlanta Public Schools and DeKalb County School System to implement their Leaders of Tomorrow Program to focus on inspiring underserved male students through education, enrichment and empowerment. Hawkins and Patterson share a vision to change the narrative of underserved youth in America by shaping a generation of ingenuitive and innovative thinkers.Participating students gain well-rounded, invaluable leadership skills that prepare them to excel throughout high school, college and adulthood.